How to drive an equipment in a underground mining?

Driving in underground mining

In all mining or underground work one has to take into account some important factors in when to the manufacture of equipment specific for this type of mines.

The dimensions of the galleries are very small, so the equipment must be manufactured with small and low-profile measurements. Our mining equipment has an approximate height of 2.5 meters (as our HURON 5) so that they can advance without problem of rubbing the walls causing detachment of materials.

Within the tunnels there are galleries that are difficult to access for the underground machinery due to the turns and curves, which is why the manufacturers of this type of machinery have to take it into account when implementing the axles in their machines.

At this point, underground mining equipment have to have differents modes of steering to avoid any setbacks in the galleries.

Ideal for high speed road or tunnel.

To work in places with limited space.

To drive near walls or buildings.

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