How transport a concrete mixer to civil or public works?.

How transport a concrete mixer to civil or public works?.

Many of you will have seen some work in your cities, whether to build houses, roads or any public works.

To do any work you need synthetic material, lumber, metals, recycling of materials and concrete or reinforced concrete, essential material in any public work.

Apart from the material, workers are needed to handle the machines that are used, excavating shovels, concrete mixer, machines for spreaders, compactors, cranes, milling machines, etc.

But there is an important fact when it comes to making the concrete.

How to transport the concrete to the work or to the production center?

Concrete may be available in two forms, depending on where the production plant is located (where the concrete is produced).

If it is outside of the work the transports can be:

  • Concrete mixer
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Transports that achieve a uniformity of the concrete mixture. That is, there is no risk of segregation of the mixture.

If the production center is in construction, the transportation can be:

  • Concrete mixer.
  • Pipes, equipment that will pump the concrete.
  • Containers, most commonly are hangers hung from self-propelled cranes.
  • Duct or conveyor belts. They are not usual solutions on construction.


The spilled must be at the most from a distance of one meter and a half from the mold so that there is no segregation of the concrete.

What conditions must be met from the production center to the construction?.

We must use mobile mixers at agitation speed, in no case the drum where the concrete is stored can be stopped. These equipments have to guarantee the cohesion of fresh and quality concrete.

When the concrete transport arrives at work we have to verify that segregation is not noticed when the concrete begins to leave the transport. It is also important to see that there is no setting principle before being put into work, if so, it will be discarded.

☆ The concrete transport par excellence is the concrete mixer or auto-concrete mixer truck.

It is the chassis of a truck on which is mounted on a inclined axle a drum.

The concrete outlet is produced by reversing the rotation of the tank.

The loading and unloading is produced by the input hopper and the output of produces by the channels.The concrete mixer are also equipped with more than one chute to extend the reach length.

Our concrete mixer can make the concrete mass and the pouring in any part of the construction.

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